TBG – #12 – Interview: Plant Based For You

What’s the difference between vegetarian and vegan? Jason John and Monica-Wright John, founders of Plant Based For You, explain the diet differences as well as why they created a business around healthier living. Starting their story in the 90’s and growing their careers and family, the Johns outline their motives for the vegan life as they build their brand through word of mouth, maintain respect in their relationship, and strive for balance between both worlds.

TBG – #9 – Business Cycles with UNWRP

Business cycles are made of high and low seasons. We chat with Ashley Fouyolle, graphic designer and founder of UNWRP, who started a seasonal business creating designer gift wrapping paper. Fouyolle explains the challenges around attracting customers past the holiday season, the pains and lessons learned from business growth, and the power of online resources to overcome blindspots

TBG – #8 – Interview: Kreyol Essence Haitian Castor Oil

Co-founder & COO of Kreyol Essence, Stéphane Jean-Baptiste shares his entrepreneurial inspiration around bringing natural and ethical Haitian beauty products to the mainstream. We discuss starting a business with your romantic partner, turning an idea into an MVP, focusing on customer needs, and more.

TBG – #7 – Book Review: Think and Grow Rich

Success starts in the mind. In our second book review, we discuss the popular work, Think and Grow Rich, uncovering how to create material success from abstract thought. From understanding different kinds of imagination patterns to sidestepping procrastination pitfalls, we draw connections between desire and accomplishment.

TBG – #5 – Case Study: Dell

Starting out in a college dorm room and growing into a multi-million dollar company, Dell has spent the last 30+ years reinventing itself to remain a key player in the technology space. In this case study, we review pivotal points in the company’s history and discuss takeaways that can be applied to today’s modern business climate.

TBG- #3 – Covid-19 Business Impact

What lessons can a pandemic teach a business? We sit down with Kendell Burton, business owner, designer and art director as he shares his thoughts on the impact COVID-19 has on companies. From being too big to fail to spreading yourself thin, we cover viewpoints on how a business can operate to stay afloat in challenging times.