TBG – #41: Interview | Abdul Karim Abdullah, Afrofuture

Founder of Afro Future, a cultural gathering uniting the African diaspora in Ghana, Abdullah is on a mission to spread the stories of local Africans beyond the continent. His bootstrapped efforts have landed him as a speaker at SXSW and featured in Forbes Africa. Listen as we discuss his cultural beginnings and the challenges faced when running an international business.
Learn more: https://www.afrofuture.com/

TBG – #40: Interview | Mark Testa Returns

Money doesn’t disappear, it moves. In this episode, we reconnect with Mark Testa, owner of Mark Stephen agency, who followed the money and breathed new life into his experiential events company. Listen as he talks about pivoting in real-time, from allowing remote work around the country to embracing new technologies and staying on top of budding trends. The pandemic might have tried to kill events, but if Mark has anything to do with it, they’ll continue to thrive.

TBG – #39: Interview | Harlem Chocolate Factory Pt. 2

What do Oprah, Beyonce, and the CEO of Lowe’s have in common? They all had a hand in saving the Harlem Chocolate Factory. We continue our conversation with Jessica Spaulding, founder of the Harlem Chcocolate Factory, where she discusses the effects of the pandemic on her new store. Overcoming shipping disasters and finanical pitfalls with a positive community response, Spaulding bounces back from depths many small businesses never make it out of. With a firm belief that anyone can be an entrepreneur, Spaulding’s inspiring story exemplifies the goal of building a business that supports the life you desire.

Learn more: https://harlemchocolatefactory.com/