TBG – #34 – Movie Review: The Rise and Fall of AND1

The faceless basketball player logo of AND1 is as memorable as the story behind the brand. Listen as we discuss the rise and missteps of this cultural clothing staple, through the lens of the Netflix documentary, Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1. From employee burnout to unfair compensation practices, we identify common issues that arise from capitalizing on cultural trends.

TBG – #33 – Starting A Business During a Recession

They say some of the biggest ideas and companies are born out of a recession, but is that true? In this episode, we discuss the current state of the economy and what that means for entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture. We’ll talk about how to take advantage of a downturn, leaning into your bargaining power, and why waiting for ‘the right time’ to start a business may not be the best strategy. 

TBG – #32 – Book Review | Psychology of Money

Your relationship with money always starts with your mind. In this episode we dive into the book, The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, and discuss the financial short stories and behaviors associated with personal finance. We’ll talk about how money determines the way we relate to others, ourselves, and our potential future and share a few of our own personal opinions on creating a wealth-mindset.

TBG – #31 – Interview: Maurice Cherry

Maurice Cherry’s name holds weight in the design and media industry. A designer, strategist, podcaster, and pioneering digital creator located in Atlanta, GA, Cherry founded the award-winning podcast, Revision Path, Lunch., a creative studio, and co-owns a production company called Cultural Algorithms. Safe to say, the man is BUSY. From monetizing podcasts to pursuing passion projects over profit, Cherry discusses his journey in a constantly evolving industry. 

TBG – #30 – Balance and Hustle Culture

Every day we’re hustling, but at what cost? In this episode, we discuss hustle culture mentality and some of the pitfalls that may come with it when running a business. We also discuss if there is such a thing as having balance when trying to start and run a successful company. Tune in to hear our take on the topic and ponder if there is a way to reach a happy medium.

TBG – #29 – Movie Review: The Banker

Building wealth while black has never been easy. In this episode, we review “The Banker”, a movie based on a true story of two ambitious black men who became bankers and landowners in the 1950’s. Fighting against racism and financial gatekeeping, we discuss the journey of Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris and key lessons learned that still apply to today’s business world. Tune in to hear our thoughts on the unsexy parts of business, vetting business partners, and knowing when and when not to stay in your lane. 

TBG – #28 – Case Study: LEGO

Legos, the classic interlocking blocks toy, wasn’t always a hit. First introduced in wooden form and later shifting into the colorful plastic blocks we know and love today, Legos went through tumultuous times to stay on top. From reviving the company after owing millions of dollars to overcoming PR nightmares, we discuss the countless (and largely unknown) challenges the company faced. We also cover how Legos persevered and remained successful by staying true to innovation, constantly listening to customers, and creating strategic licensing deals.

TBG – #27 – BOOK REVIEW: Essentialism

If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will. With work-life balance at a premium, balancing priorities is a must. But the question is always, how? In this episode, we discuss Greg McKeown’s Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, a book about directing your most precious resources (time and energy) on doing only what is essential. We review the power of saying no, the importance of routine, and why boundaries are so important to living an essential lifestyle.

TBG – #26 – Interview: Ariana Smith

Here’s some free legal advice: trademark your s**t.
If anyone knows anything about new business formation, it’s Ariana Smith. Founder and managing attorney of AC Smith Law Firm, Smith helps entrepreneurs and small businesses secure their intellectual property via trademarks, contracts, more. We sat down with Smith to discuss her legal journey, how she started two legal firms, and what key advice she has for the next wave of lawyers.

TBG – #25 – Lifestyle Business

Most businesses fall into two buckets: those built for scale, and those built for maintaining a lifestyle. We peel back the layers of lifestyle businesses, a venture created solely for founders to maintain and enjoy a particular way of life. Breaking down the basic principles of creating a lifestyle business, we discuss key points to determine if this business type is right for you.